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Many people aren't clear on why they need a website. Let me start by saying, if you have a business or organization, you NEED
a website. It's that simple. In the current economic times, your business needs a website more than ever. Why? Because everybody and their dog is out there, trying to get business, YOUR business and you need to stay a step ahead of your competitors. Having a quality- built, optimized web site and web presence can do that for you.

Way back when, before the internet, most people advertised their business in the Yellow Pages and local newspapers. Some people are still doing that...spending a lot of money on print advertising that is becoming a thing of the past. Today's consumers are tech savvy. They're glued to their smart phones (smart phone sales have now even surpassed desktop computer sales!). They're out and about using their phones as mobile computers,"Googling" where to eat, the best mechanic in town, the closest
gas station with the best prices. They don't carry Yellow Books in their cars and purses. So, if you, as a business owner are
relying upon print advertising such as Yellow Pages, BAM, you've just lost potential customers by NOT having a website.

Did you know that online searches for information have far surpassed traditional print searches? That the marketing trend is escalating at an epic pace utilizing online venues, leaving the old standbys like Yellow Pages and newspapers in their dust?

Wykkyd Web Online Marketing Trends

What does this mean to you as a business owner? It means that if you're still pumping money into print advertising, you're "triple-whammying" yourself. You're paying too much for print ads (web is cheaper) that don't reach people AND you're losing potential customers by not having a web presence.

Making use of your website is important as well. Take for instance a restaurant that has a website. They are able to place their menu online so all those mobile eaters can decide what they want before they come into the restaurant. This saves time for the servers having to make countless trips to the table to see if that particular party is ready to order yet, having to repeat the specials of the week, etc. That equates to less time those patrons sit around trying to decide and occupying a booth or table. That in turn translates to quicker table turnover which equals more profit! It also means happier customers because they were able to get in and out and on with their day much more quickly.

Just having a website though is not the same as having a successful website. As a designer that utilizes SEO, I cannot tell you how many sites I've run across that make absolutely no use of optimization...which means, they may never ever EVER be found on the world wide web unless the person(s) looking for them know and search for their exact web address. It's such a shame, all these sites lanquishing on page 52 of the search results. Who goes to page 52? No one. Who finds that business? No one. Who buys from that business? No one-well, at least no one that was looking on the web for them!

Whether your business is booming or struggling, you can benefit from having an optimized website. Like it or not, the web is leading the pack in the areas of advertising and marketing. The sooner you begin utilizing these online tools, the sooner you can start seeing the benefits for yourself and your business.